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Tesla Hometown Cathedral


Let’s peel away the layer of lies.

Teslas Father Orthodox Priest

See Now With Your Own Eyes

Antennas have transponders; Mercury was the transponder!


Can You See It?

Since 3rd century the Schema  (Schematic) monks have burdened the weight of Jesus cross. Let us relinquish them of the weight, and decode what these monks really have on their tunics. The PAE System team has decoded the formula and modernized it with several key technologies. The cat is out of the bag!

The occultists and their teams of revisionists have done a number on our true history. But the truth, has been staring us in the face the entire time, all we had to do was look!

More Than Meets the eye


Occultists Run The Show


(973) 714-5972


8am to 5pm



144 Lewisburg Rd.

Sussex, New Jersey 07461